Our pre stitched/welded bespoke plate carriers fit all leading corrugated printing presses and working to any specification we can attach any lead and trail edge strip. Depending on your requirements we can apply center holes with reinforcing tabs, center lines and eyelets. Our thread for the stitched profiles is specifically designed for the kind of strength and durability required and is also coated to ensure it is water tight.


With unique knowledge in ultrasonics we are able to finely tune our automatic welders to achieve a solid bond without burning or weakening of the bar.

Exclusive to Burton Flexo

Burton Flexo Aluminum lead and trail edge profiles are a stronger alternative to plastic. Designed for easier handling, increasing durability and prolong carrier life, making them ideal for larger heavier mounts.

Our storage hanger systems are designed for easy, simple and convenient means of storing the plate carriers verticly to reduce the amount of space needed. We offer a wide range of individual storage hanger sections to fit all lead edging profiles and can be supplied in any length required.

Ref: 1TB
Storage hanger section to accommodate single carrier fitted with ‘T’ bar lead edge.


Ref: 2JB
Storage hanger section to accommodate two carriers fitted with ‘J’ bars.


Ref: 2BB
Storage hanger section to accommodate two carriers fitted with solid butt bars.


Ref: 1 2P
Storage hanger section to accommodate those extra large plate carriers.